Hi my name is Scott..
It all started for this kiter with a guy flying a quad line kite in a video online around 2010.....
I knew right away I would enjoy and grasp the concepts of 4 line kite flying, but being an adult with no previous kiting experience , I investigated more. Through those searches, I ended up with a 2 line foil sport kite. I flew that for about a year learning the wind window and basic control. Quite fun it was, but it was time.....
I dove into quad line sport kites head first. I flew soley quads for a few years night and day . I became active in the online kiting community and interest in all forms of kiting began. through those wanderings, travel began for kiting events to meet other kiters and gain knowledge.
.....and there we have the birth of the kitebumbychoice
SInce  kite birth, I have basically taken on a life of kites.  I fly as often as possible, whatever the form of kiting. Through that passion, I found employment in a kite shop, which drove the passion even further. I started dabbling with show kites and displays, all while selling kiteboarding equipment. Also got into Kite Aerial Photography though a friend pretty heavy for a year or so.
International travel , as well as the U.S. was on the upswing. When along came the creation of a quad line kite team by that guy that got me started in the beginning of this story. John Barresi .. Team KiteLife ..... and I was #2 in line.
That team creation and kite flying environment spurred my interest in 2 line sport/stunt kiting ,that consumed a few years or so while continuing my quad line flying.
then along came kite buggies...oh my! 
high speeds, adrenaline packed sliding turns, all while your butt is inches off the ground....I'm in!
So there you have it... and here we are today!
Join me on all my future kiting adventures 

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